Happy Birthday USA | Empowered to Prosper dispite adversity

What does 4th of July mean to you? 

I asked my 12 year old and this is what he said:

“When America gets her independence and I get mine so no chores today!”

According to Dictionary.com it means: freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.
What does Independence mean to you? 

It’s a very good question and to me it means a whole lot of things. 

Let me start by saying what I thought it was B.C. (Before Christ.)

I thought like my son independence was all about not having to answer to anyone. Having my own money, car, house:

I honestly could not wait to move out of my moms house! Yes finally I can come and go as I pleased without being questioned.

My mom was the type of mom that had to know who your friends were, what did their parents do for a living, where did they live, IQ, and Blood type!

So the first apartment I had was at the age of 18 fresh out of high school. I was working at Domino’s pizza. My car was paid off it was a blue Ford Mustang 5.0 we called “Pony.” Man you could not tell me nothing! 

The freedom I thought I had was really all a lie when early in the morning I starting vomiting and feeling like dookey…

Yes! Tested pregnant positive! Oh Lord what do I do I can’t stay in this apartment by myself (said my so called ms independent self.) What did I do you ask?

A few months later when I was unable to work at Domino’s and drive around like ms skinny cute thang in the picture above I moved back home…

Yes sad sad sad and more sad because I had not told my dad yet and at 5 months I found out I was having twins! 

When I called my dad this is what he said ” Baby why were you afraid to tell me?” ” You did not do anything to make me love you so you can not do anything to make me stop!”

Wow what a way to show a person true Independence. You see what my dad was saying was that I did not have to feel unloved or less independent because of my actions. 

This display of my earthly father’s love led me effortlessly into the arms of the loving, caring, sharing Heavenly Father I know today.

Everyday I’m learning how deep and wide His love is for me. How He is the one that gives me power to get wealth. How He is the one that holds the key to my prosperity. How He enables me to prosper in spite of adversity. 
At the age of  twenty-one I exchanged my worldly independence for total interdependence on the Holy Spirit as my guide. 

This is living now! 

Not by force but as an act of my will I have laid down my abilities for His…

I am now free to be me, no longer bound and no more chains holding me…

Will you make the decision I and many others have? 

Or will you remain a prisoner in your mind that goes by the skin or circumstance you were born in?

Prospering on Purpose,


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